Shehnaz Lalarukh khan ( Shahrukh Khan Sister )

Meet Shah Rukh Khan’s Mentally-ill Sister and Know What Exactly Happened to Her

Read the Life story of Shahrukh Khan Sister Shehnaz Lalarukh khan and Know What Exactly Happened to Shehnaz Lalarukh khan.

Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan Biography

Shah Rukh Khan, the famous and the wealthiest Bollywood actor who debuted in Bollywood with movie Deewana in 1992. He’s the most valuable person in the Bollywood right now and also called Baadshah or King Khan. He has a tremendous amount of fan following. Individuals love their favorite star, however, do you know that someplace within the making of the most prominent star of the industry he lost some peoples of his life to succeed in the zenith of his success.


Shahrukh Khan Sister Shehnaz

shahrukh khan sister shehnaz
Shahrukh khan sister Shahnaz

Shah Rukh Khan lost his mother and father at a younger age. Ever since then, SRK’s life revolves around an only a few essential persons – who’re his spouse Gauri, his children Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan, Abram Khan and his elder sister Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan. It’s possible you’ll know about the love story of Shah Rukh Khan with spouse Gauri Khan. However, individuals not often find out about his sister Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan. Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan is an elder sister of Shah Rukh and still single. Not as a result of she didn’t wish to marry however because she is mentally ill. Sure, you heard it right! Mentally ill.



Shahrukh about Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan

shahrukh khan sister and shahnaz Lalarukh khan
Shahrukh khan sister and Shahnaz Lalarukh khan

Right here mentally unwell doesn’t imply she is mental however disturbed. Shahrukh Khan Sister Shehnaz is six years elder than Shah Rukh Khan and lives with Shahrukh. Once in an interview, Srk described his sister as sweet and naive but additionally stated she behaves quite spoilt generally.

Shehnaz is very sweet and caring. In bringing up Shehnaz and me, my dad and mom never made any difference, although I believe my sister was nearer to my mother and father because Shehnaz is six years older to me. She was very spoilt and pampered. I’ve grown in her shadow, as she was the older children in the home. I would look up to her.

After her education, she did an administration course. For a while, she worked for the Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust. She has additionally accomplished her MA in psychology. She is my only connection to my mother and father. I see my father and mom in her. I keep telling Shehnaz, “You are similar to mom.” Even she has matches of anger, like my mom.

She was hugely affected by our father’s death. I used to be younger, so I believe I received over dad’s death sooner. By the time Shehnaz accepted our dad’s absence, our mom had died. She went through a sad part. She clammed up. Earlier, she was an outgoing girl, however now she has turned out to be silent. I still look as much as her.”


Incident That Changed Her Life

shehnaz lalarukh khan photo
Shahnaz Lalarukh khan photo

Shah Rukh Khan remembers the days when his father was ill.

“My father died of cancer. The previous couple of days he couldn’t communicate so that we’d play dumb charades or he would write stuff. He, clearly like any other, was in love along with his daughter.”

Shah Rukh Khan remembers that when the physique was said residence, they’d not informed his sister but that their father had died.

When he introduced his sister Home from school, she merely collapsed at seeing the body.


“My sister saw his body, checked out it and simply collapsed, and for the following two years, she didn’t get well from the shock. She didn’t cry. However, she couldn’t face the truth of our father’s demise,” he mentioned.



Start Treatment

shahrukh khan and his sister
Shahrukh Khan and his sister

In an interview once, Shahrukh Khan said about Shehnaz Lalarukh khan treatment

During DDLJ she was once more hospitalized, and they said she wouldn’t survive. I took Shehnaz to Switzerland and got her therapy whereas I was shooting for Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam.” Unfortunately, she has by no means recovered from the sudden demise of him, although she is doing much better.


Path To Recovery

shahrukh khan sister shehnaz lalarukh khan
Shahrukh khan sister Shehnaz Lalarukh khan

While she couldn’t face the fact of the loss of her mother and father, Shah Rukh Khan says he someway developed a sense of detachment, “a sense of humor to cover up the disappointment affecting my life and me becoming like my sister.” He went on to say, “I love my sister how she is. She is a significantly better person than I can ever be. I believe she is a baby of God and naive and harmless. My children love her more than they love my wife and me. And I’m glad she is part of my life like this.

shahnaz with shahrukh khan familyshahnaz with shahrukh khan family
shahnaz with Shahrukh khan family

Based on the sources, Shehnaz went into depression when she saw the dead body of his mom. Since then, she is unwell, unwell mentally as she missed her mother and father a lot as a result of she misplaced them at a younger age. Nonetheless, Shah Rukh Khan has at all times been very near his elder sister and loves her a lot. Shehnaz has recovered a lot now, but she maintained a shallow profile as in comparison with his brother. She prefers to stay a life like ordinary people. God bless her!



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